A new project for Marino Ristorante Hollywood CA

A new project for Ardent Restaurant in Milwaukee 

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LA Times Article June 12, 2015


My plates for Wally’s Vinoteca Beverly Hills.

My 2014 harvest Japanese short grain rice, grown in Uruguay, is now available to ship nationwide in the US. You can order by visiting toiro kitchen’s website, www.toirokitchen.com I’m excited that finally we can offer our special rice directly to the consumers. This rice tastes especially exceptional when cooked in a donabe (Japanese clay pot).


My plates for Orsa & Winston Los Angeles

UCLA Science & Food Lecture Recap: Umami and Sushi Click here to read the full article

UCLA Science & Food Lecture Recap: Umami and Sushi


My plates for Capo Santa Monica ,Ca


My plates for Gramercy York Culver City, Ca

Stefano De Lorenzo and Morihiro Onodera



My plate for IL Grano Los Angeles,Ca “Pomodoro”

LA Weekly

LA Weekly

Los Angeles Magazine Here is my comment

Los Angeles MAGAZINE


Red white bowls

For providence


LA BOTTE Santa Monica


BARBERSHOP Ristorante Italiano

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BARBERSHOP Ristorante Italiano